Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ron Virmani - Visiting the Pacific Northwest

Visiting the Pacific Northwest: 1 I love to travel all over the world, but for some reason I haven't visited as many places inside the United States. I usually think of far flung locations like Bal or Maasi Mara. I recently got some advice from Ron Virmani that I should take the time to look at the beauty that awaits me within the borders of the US and I have to say that I am glad that I did.

Dr Ron Virmani suggested that I give the Pacific Northwest a try, as I'm from Colorado and have been stuck with dry weather since I was a kid. I flew out, and spent the day in beautiful Seattle, taking in the sites of Pikes Place Market. The entire look of the place was intriguing, with fresh fish flying through the air and glass shops dotted among the stores. The people were a brush of fresh air, smiling and laughing through the drizzle of rain. I am pleased to say that I didn't encounter any of the notorious Seattle freeze that Ron Virmani warned me about before I went.

After I visited some tourist attractions like the Space Needle and the Fremont Troll around the area, I decided to drive North do some whale watching. Once I was clear of the cities, I found myself surrounded by lush trees and beautiful farmland. I drove through Skagit County, home of the famous Tulip Fields, and kept driving out to the quaint town of Anacortes. Set before a backdrop of chilly water, I tasted some of the best clam chowder that I have ever had and found myself eagerly awaiting the chance to jump on the ferry to see the whales that Dr Ron A Virmani has talked so much about.

I was lucky, and just caught the tail end of the season on my way out to the Islands. I was disappointing to realize that I probably wasn't going to see any whales because of the time of year, but the ride itself was worth it. The fresh air felt amazing on my face and the entire trip I was out on the bow of the ship to enjoy it. Washington natives aren't kidding when they say it's always wet here, even when it isn't full on raining you are going to accumulate some dew. I absolutely loved it even though I did not get a chance to see any pods of orca's. I am so happy that I took Ron's advice and gave it a shot; maybe I need to see some other locations in the U.S. before I set my sights overseas again.

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