Monday, 25 July 2016

Traveling to Cozumel with Dr Ron Virmani

Traveling to Cozumel with Ron Virmani. If you are looking for a tropical vacation getaway, I seriously cannot recommend Cozumel enough. Ron Virmani and I just returned from what was easily the best vacation I have ever been on there. From the moment we stepped off of the plane onto Cozumel until the time we departed, we were on island time. The locals were friendly, the food was amazing, the weather was perfect, the hotel was comfortable, and the beaches were beautiful.

Our first day there, we had decided to go diving and opted to go with Blue Magic Scuba for the tour. Once we were loaded onto a small boat, we were introduced to other tourists who told us about their favorite spots to visit for food, souvenirs, and entertainment. One of the women on board, Melissa who was from California, suggested we check out Clear Lounge. Ron Virmani and I mentally added this to our to-do list. Once we reached our dive spot, the guide handed us the gear and allowed us to slide into the water at our own pace. Of course Ron Virmani and I were the first in and the last ones out! Under the water, we were amazed at how many tropical fish and different kinds of coral we saw. Schools of clown fish peeked out shyly from anemones and other fish that I did not recognize swam all around us. More than once, I felt as if I could reach out and touch the fish swimming by.

A few days into our trip, Ron Virmani and I suggested that we take the local Cozumel ferry to Playa del Carmen for some day drinking and dancing on the beach. The ferry was a short walk from our hotel and cost us 155 pesos. Unfortunately, the ride across was rough and took 45 minutes. Both of us ended up feeling a little seasick by the time we reached the shore, but after a few Margaritas we were fine. When it came time to head back, we only had to wait a few minutes since the ferry runs hourly. That evening, we took a taxi to Clear Lounge which is the world's first underwater oxygen bar after making reservations. While we did wait a little past our reservation time, the experience was one of a kind and I was happy I did it. Not only did Dr Ron A Virmani and I get to choose our aromatherapy scent, but we also got to play Jenga underwater and had our photos taken which made for a cool souvenir.

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